Thursday, November 29, 2012

Heyoka: A Classic Rock "Must Have" from San Antonio

If you were rockin' in south Texas during the late seventies/early eighties you're probably quite familiar with the San Antonio band Heyoka.  They opened for just about every major Rock band to hit San Antonio, to include Rush.  More importantly though, they never refused to kicked ass!  However, to my knowledge they only released a few 7" singles, of which I am extremely proud to have the one pictured below (keep reading for the Good News).

Fast forward about 30 years and some of their music has finally been released on CD and Vinyl.  So if you're a Heyoka fan or you get into groups like Jethro Tull, Kansas and Rush, I highly recommend you visit the link below and pick up Heyoka's "The Spirit of Revelation" CD and/or the Vinyl.  The vinyl contains two extra songs.

You should also check out "".  You can stream Heyoka and rock out as you reverse the latest 0-day.  Also, the reverbnation page has a couple songs not on the CD or Vinyl, of which my personal favorite (in case you must know) is "Whot Boogie?".

Now let's get back to some malware...


  1. Great blast from the past,, byt0r! I still have my "Whot Boogie?" Heyoka 45 single. Select company!

  2. Boy did I need a refresher after laying dormant for so long feeling nostalgic and missing the San Antonio and it's Rock Scene of the early 70's as a teen in HS.

  3. Ready for the reunion?